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Concept Remote Living 

260 sqm.

Materials & Aesthetics:

Minimalistic design with connected indoor and outdoor


Natural colors and materials

Architect: Katja Goryunova

Clients requirements:

  • Desert House style

  • No flat roof

  • Open landscape, living area to be open & connected with outdoor

  • Large living room in the middle,
    large sliding doors (pocket) to the front and back porch

  • 15 meters from
    the cliff, then porch (around 5 meters wide), then house

  • left flank of the house, 2 bedrooms at least 4 * 4 meters and 1 bathroom and a grate
    storage / workshop

  • Preferably gable roof with insulated roof tile sheets.

  • Foundation 1 meter high, plot slopes slightly so at the front / entrance it will only be raised a little bit, large septic and water tank harvesting rain waters

  • Workshop with large open doors on both sides

  • House width 30 meters, deep 10 meters on both sides

  • Floor-to-ceiling windows in bedrooms, hallway and same height living room

  • Solar panels on the sea side roof and batteries in the garage

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