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Concept Living Simple

200 sqm.

A house with the wooden shingle roofs, wooden shutters and off- white or soft-grey walls. The natural materials/look would also fit well with the idea of not cultivating a garden and just leaving most of the terrain in its natural state with concrete tops

Architect: Katja Goryunova

Clients requirements:

The house should have a living space, a kitchen/dining area, 3 bedrooms, 3.5 bathrooms, some storage space (partially at the carport for garden / kitesurf /dive gear). Study & guest apartment is not a priority.
The house to be designed and positioned in such
a way that add-ons are possible in the future (e.g. a study, guest apartment, etc.). Separate structures are not allowed under the building code, but
if the roofs and
the foundations
are connected,
that should not be considered separate structures.

Comfort level indoors:

The main priority is to create a comfortable living space. Comfortable means that the house is (a) well- ventilated, (b) does not become an oven and (c) is not filled with insects.

The ventilation to be provided with shutter windows and shutters
doors. During the day, when there is nobody at home,
the shutters will allow some air
flow and prevent heat building up. Opening the doors will give maximum air flow and cooling. In order to not make the house an oven (b), the walls should either be shaded (roof extension). The roof should be insulated.

Any opening to the outside should have mosquito screens.

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