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Concept Living Nature

250 sqm.

Based on more modern and minimalistic look to integrate the development in the surroundings and create cozy indoor and outdoor spaces.

Architect: Katja Goryunova

Clients requirements:

The house consists of 4 blocks:

1. Guest house with a bedroom and walk-in closet.
We included a ‘multi- purpose room’ which can be opened up to the outdoors. It can be used as a study or a place to get together, play musical instruments, perform or sketch The block includes
a small toilet for common use. 


2. Kitchen with pantry and technical room
It is located with a closer access to the road. Kitchen is equipped with a large kitchen containing an island and breakfast high table. Kitchen can also be opened up and get united with the outdoor spaces.


3. Master bedroom block
The block includes walk-in wardrobe, study with library separated with

low wall from
the bedroom and bathroom which
can open up to the outdoors creating a feeling of an outdoor shower.
Master bedroom opens up to the internal garden. The view and wind flow are not blocked as the 4th block with the girls’ bedroom is lifted.


4. Two floors block with living and dining areas on the ground floor and kids’ bedrooms on the first floor. Living and dining areas can be opened up to the outdoor, but can be also closed to create cozy internal space. Girls bedroom are placed on the first floor with a shift to create a covered seating underneath and small roof terrace accessible through stairs.

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