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Concept Living Holiday II

Building consisting of several zones (areas) conjoined. Master bedroom block separated from guest rooms block. Car port attached to the main building. Remoted large swimming pool, pool deck & palapa to ensure sufficient sun during the day time

Architect: Katja Goryunova

Clients requirements:

  • 1. Family composition & rooms+ facilities required:

  • Family of 2 (no children space is required).

  • 2. Master bedroom
    + master bathroom
    + walk in closet or build in closet space. Dedicated space for work / office is not required (one of the guest rooms can be allocated). Zoning - separate block. Master bedroom and bathroom on the wind side. Spacious.

  • 3. 2 separate bedrooms for guests + 1 shared bathroom. Zoning - separate block with hip roofs to create different volumes

  • 4. Pool 25m2 L-shaped in later phase (prep works to be done and required connections to be installed in the 1st phase)

  • 5. Living - kitchen space view oriented with possibility to open up to the maximum (roller shutters or sliding or folding doors - TBC based on budget). Anticipate TV area. Large concrete & wood custom kitchen with
    an island & breakfast table, refrigerator
    with icemaker and freezing department
    , dishwasher, oven & microwave combi, and cooking stove. Outdoor dining area.

  • 6. Laundry – storage
    – pantry space / electrical board room. Electrical boiler.

  • 7. The view from living area to the pool will be towards the airport/ Kralendijk

  • 8. One floor development with possible roof terrace (partial flat roof) accessible by open staircase.

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