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Concept Living A Dream

300 sqm.

Materials & Aesthetics:

Clean slick contemporary design with a touch of luxury; open to the views & environment.


White, glossy textures in combination with concrete finishes and wood

Architect: Katja Goryunova

Clients requirements:

A development consisting on several blocks providing optimal zoning, wind circulation

and oriented to prominent views. Rear side (oriented to road) to be off closed / small windows. Due to plot height difference, there is a possibility to create a basement floor with technical facilities. 1-2 floors house. Main spaces to be placed on a ground floor level. Central block

with open space living-dining- kitchen. Bedrooms to be placed separately in the ‘wings’. Flat roofs. Attached patio with swimming pool.

Family composition & rooms+ facilities required:

Suitable to match various

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